[Extra Stock] XVX Skyline Low Profile Double-Shot Keycap Set (7 Colors)

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09/12/2022 Update: 

Pre-orders all been sent out, please check the shipping status of your order. Extra stocks are available now, all in stock and ready to ship. Besides, there're many people who have an interest in an R2, please join our Disord group or follow us on social media so you won't miss out on any updates! Hope you all enjoy the XVX Skyline, all unboxing/showcasing/feedback/suggestions/ideas are very very welcomed. Thank you!

18/11/2022 Update: 

The prototypes of Laser Blue and Purple Twilight finally come out, check some shots hereAnd we made some changes to the final molds.

The total keycaps of Laser Blue/Denim/Neon/Shadow sets were added to 144 keys, including 108 Standard Keys + 3 MacOS System Compatible Keys + 33 Extra Replacement Keys. The other sets remain the same as the render.

And the giveaway has already ended, the winners were announced in our Discord group :D


01/11/2022 Update: 

Sorry guys, we‘ve just been informed by the factory that the mold of the 137-Key Sunset (Gradient Pink) colorway had a defect, so it'll be not available this time.  :(

And we’re holding a giveaway of 3 sets in our Discord group. Cheers! 


Thanks everyone for so many helpful suggestions and support, we decided to move forward on this project :D  

It first started because we received lots of positive feedback about the XVX Horizon keycap, and then we found that there were limited choices of low-profile keycaps in the market.  So we posted an IC of these low-profile keysets in the Reddit Group r/MechanicalKeyboards a month ago. 

According to the IC results and a few discussions with the team, we decided to make standard US ANSI layout 137-key sets for R1. But we'll release the IC of R2 soon, which will include WOB/BOW colorway, and other choices, such as sculpted ones (Hopefully we’ll have an R2). And if R1 sells more than 200 units we’ll upgrade the packaging. For now, the packaging would be the same as other XVX keycaps.


Color Options:

  • Shine-through Set: Laser Blue/Purple Twilight
  • Not Shine-through Set: Wavy Blue/Wavy Brown/Denim/Neon/Shadow

Total Keys: 137 Keys (Different replacement keys for the different sets)

Material: PBT Plastic

Keycap Thickness: 12mm

Keycap Height: 50mm

Profile: Low Profile (Non-Sculpted, similar to DSA profile)

Printing Method: Double-Shot


  • All MX switches and MX clones (Gateron/Kailh/Outemu etc.) 
  • Most ANSI US layout 61/64/68/84/87/96/98/100/104/108 keys mechanical keyboards

Manufacture: XVX Keyboard

GB Date: 1st November to 30th November

GB Product Delivery Time: December 2022

Shipping Terms: Check here

Bonus: The package will comes with an XVX Perfume Artisan Key for everyone who buys a shine-through set (Random Blue/Black color, 1 unit per set). 

More info:

Reddit IC 



What's in the box: 

  • Keycap Set x 1
  • Keycap Puller x 1


Please read this note before ordering:

1. This set does not include a keyboard.

2. The non-shine-through sets will be available at our other Official Stores (Amazon and AliExpress), but shine-through sets are only available in the GB this time. 


7 Colorways, Multiple styles

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great, but not perfect

This has been the ONLY sets of low-profile PBT shinethrough keycaps I’ve been able to find that isn’t just black or white, which makes it a godsend. I got the Laser Blue shinethrough set for my 75% board.

I kinda wish there was just slightly more contrast between the two dark blue colors, and the option to have dark blue or light blue arrow keys like for the space bar, escape, and enter keys.

The legends are really hard to see without really good lightning from above or backlighting from the board (I had trouble identifying the right keys to place where on the board to begin with), though I guess that’s to be expected with a darker color way.

Also wish the space bar had a line of shinethrough to match the rest of the board, and that the function row (as well as volume keys, which I use to replace my F10-12 keys) had larger legends.

They seem to fit very tightly to my switches (just Gateron G Pro 2.0 Yellows); it took way more force than I expected to pull them off when I accidentally put a key on the wrong place, much more than the previous set I had on my board.

Finally, a very small thing, but I wish the light blue escape key had a rounded corner to match the other corner keys (which the dark blue escape key also has).

Nat G

I bought both of the shine-through options (the purple gradient & the laser blue), and they are absolutely stunning! I just finished putting the purple gradient on my Nuphy Air & they work perfectly!
If you have a Nuphy Air, do keep in mind that these keycaps are slightly taller than the Nuphy keycaps. It's not much, and these definitely won't bottom out, but I could tell the difference right away.
In comparison to the Nuphy keycaps, these also feel like they have more grip, which helps prevent me from mistyping via slipping around the keys.
I kinda wish that they spacebar was also shine-through, since it's the only key in the entire set that isn't. It looks a little awkward to me because of that. Even a simple line through it would've been fine (perhaps something similar to Keychron's low-profile spacebar on their K3v2).
Along those same lines, I wish that the function keys also had media legends on them, similar to a MacBook, Keychron, or Nuphy. They would've been perfect if they had those.
Another thing that you might want to consider is that, without the backlight on, it's virtually impossible to see any of the legends clearly. That should be obvious since these are shine-through, but I felt like that would be important to know.

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